Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning poles

Window Cleaning Poles

For people living in a two up, two down or perhaps a second floor flat, cleaning your own windows means having access to a long ladder. If for some reason using a ladder is not an option, storage or fear of heights for example, then window cleaning poles could be the perfect solution. These useful tools make it possible to reach and clean your upper story windows, without ever leaving the safety of solid ground.

Window cleaning poles come in a variety of lengths and types. A fixed length pole will be about two metres long, but the more versatile extending window cleaning poles have an extension scope of two to four, or two to six metres. It is the longer window cleaning poles that are perfect for reaching the troublesome second floor windows.

Good quality window cleaning poles will be constructed from glass fibre, carbon fibre, sturdy aluminium, or aluminium alloy sliding sections. As a rule greater diameter poles will be more rigid, but will heavier and cost extra. The key is to pick a weight you are most comfortable using, without resorting to a flimsy pole that behaves like a piece of half cooked spaghetti when extended. Using such window cleaning poles will not only drive you to distraction, they will also fail to result in properly cleaned windows.

One of the best accessories for window cleaning poles that you should consider investing in are angled adaptors. These are also made from aluminium and most often, adjustable. What this means to the user is, where you stand in relation to the window being cleaned is up to you. With the correct angle set to the adaptor, the squeegee will strike the window pane at the perfect angle, allowing you to stand clear of any falling water.

These window cleaning poles, especially with angled attachment can also be used for cleaning the fascia and soffit. This is a great bonus if your fascia is made from white PVC, which shows up grime clearly. Although any live power lines should be beyond the reach of window cleaning poles, care should be exercised and their use should be avoided if there is a possibility of lightning; waving a lightning conductor around during a thunder storm is not a generally a good idea.

Such is the versatility of window cleaning poles they can also be used for other tasks. Decorating you home is a good example, by adding a tapered attachment they will accept a roller. Regardless of the brand you choose, lightweight and sturdy are the two properties you need. The pole needs to be light enough not to cause discomfort when used, but sturdy enough to accept pressure at full extension.

One more area worth giving a once over is the rings that terminate each telescopic section. These need to be durable, since, as wear creates additional movement that becomes magnified the further the pole is extended. Once you have found the pole that best suits your needs, you will find that it will provide you with years of hassle free, convenient and safe window cleaning.

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