Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning access platforms

Window Cleaning Access Platforms

Since UK health and safety laws forbids the practice of working from ladders above a second story height, window cleaning access platforms are required for a building that is three or more stories high. On street town houses and other period residential buildings are almost certainly not going to have any access from above, for example, have a cradle system or abseiling points, therefore, your choices of window cleaning access platforms falls between scaffold towers and cherry pickers.

Scaffold towers can be either static or mobile. The difference in using them as window cleaning access platforms is ease of movement. A static scaffold tower has to be dismantled, moved and rebuilt at the next point of use, whereas a mobile tower has wheels and so is easier to move. In both cases, these towers need to be fixed to the building. This is to prevent the scaffold from toppling over.

Most frequently, mobile scaffold towers are made from aluminium although more robust steel ones are available. These are more expensive to buy and heavier to move, so are more likely to be owned by a professional window cleaning access platforms provider or contract cleaner. Where scaffold towers have the upper hand over telescopic cherry pickers, is in the fact that they are immediately adjacent to the building. This is significant if the building has a limited or restrictive area around it. It is important to note that scaffolding will require a qualified, licensed and insured contractor.

Assuming there is available scope surrounding the building, telescopic cherry picker window cleaning access platforms have a myriad of benefits. They are available in different models, which give a wide range of height options. Some of these can reach to a sixth story level or higher. The longer the reach offered by the window cleaning access platforms, the more they will be affected by windy conditions; scaffolding systems are usually secure in all but the most severe British weather conditions.

All models have some form of stabilisation inbuilt to the base. Most cherry picker window cleaning access platforms with long extension arms are motorised, and so can easily move around. This is in addition to the range of movement offered by the extension arm itself.

Since the hydraulic arm can be controlled accurately from the window cleaning access platforms, the movements needed can be performed as and when needed by the window cleaner on board the platform. The flexibility that this offers means that many windows are reachable, without the need to reposition the base; this makes them efficient window cleaning access platforms.

The choice of window cleaning access platforms will depend largely on the location of the building on which the windows are being cleaned. Different permits will be required if the scaffold tower is positioned on a public pavement, or in the case of a cherry picker, if it has to be parked on a public roadway. Other measure will have to be complied with, in order to prevent dangerous, falling objects reaching and injuring passing pedestrians.

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